Common Car Issues Private Hire Drivers Face

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  • August 11 2022

It is not uncommon for private-hire drivers to be on the road for long hours. Being on the road daily for eight hours or more can put a toll on a person’s body as well as the vehicle they’re driving.

Due to the sheer amount of mileage covered by private-hire drivers, wear-and-tear issues can come quick and fast. And if a driver is inexperienced, they may find themselves in a situation where their income is affected as their vehicle is out of commission for a maintenance problem that could easily have been prevented. And it is not just limited to maintenance issues either —
here are some common car issues you should be aware of as a private hire driver.

Tire Wear and Tear
As your point of contact with the road, it is only natural for your tires to wear out the fastest. Unlike car owners who can leisurely take their car in for a tire change at their own convenience, private-hire drivers depend on their vehicle for their livelihood, and a day in the workshop can mean a significant drop in income.
While car owners with low mileage can afford to drive past their recommended mileage maintenance schedule, doing so as a private-hire driver is potentially dangerous for you and your passengers. Instead, always take note of the mileage you’ve clocked so you can prepare in advance if you need to cycle your tires. Don’t just depend on the odometer either, inspect your tire treads regularly to make sure they’re not worn or show any signs of damage.

Streaky Wipers
This is a potentially dangerous issue when driving in Singapore, especially if you’re driving during the Monsoon season. Wipers that are worn out significantly hamper visibility and the problem is often not apparent until they actually have to be used.

You can prevent this by regularly wiping down your windshield and wipers, and getting the workshop to check on the condition of your wipers for timely replacements.

Faulty Cooling Systems
It’s no secret Singapore is unbearably hot. While you’re sitting cool in your cabin all afternoon, your vehicle is working overtime trying to keep its engine cool and your air conditioner chugging.

High mileage can wear your engine’s cooling system out quickly, especially if your engine temperature gauge sits near to the red all day. And if you’re using the air conditioner at 18 degrees at full blast all day, you can be sure it is only a matter of time before the compressor starts to face issues as well. Compressor checks, radiator checks and coolant replacement should all be a part of your
vehicle’s regular maintenance package. So don’t ignore your regular servicing if you want to you and your car to stay cool. It might not be a bad idea to carry some spare coolant in the boot so you can top up if it ever runs low.

Low Engine Oil
Like coolant, it is not uncommon for cars to burn engine oil when they are running hot, even if the vehicle is well maintained. This can quickly turn dangerous as low engine oil means a lack of lubricant for your engine components — which can cause them to grind or knock against each other, causing permanent damage to your engine. Not only will the sounds be annoying to you and your passengers, you’ll be stuck footing the bill for the engine’s hefty repairs and even replacement. Make sure to follow your workshop’s maintenance schedule for regular oil change, and even consider carrying a spare can in your boot.

Dead Battery
Dead car batteries can happen to anyone. Every car owner can attest to being caught by surprise by a dead battery — but private hire drivers can potentially encounter this issue more often than not.

You can usually tell if you have a dead battery if your engine doesn’t start and you hear nothing when you turn the ignition. Dead batteries can be caused by a variety of reasons. They include: leaving headlamps on, loose or corroded connections or even a faulty alternator. Regular maintenance and replacing your car battery when it can no longer hold a charge will keep it in optimal condition.

Exorbitant Repair Costs
Leasing a car often means having to return it in its original condition. Many private-hire drivers who lease a car might find themselves facing exorbitant repair costs If they sustain a minor scratch or dent while on the road.

This is compounded even further if the insurance on the leased vehicle does not cover said damage, causing the private-hire driver to have to fork out costs on their own dime. Companies will often hire inspectors to check on the condition of the leased car, and the private-hire driver will have to pay for their estimated costs of repairs.

An unscrupulous dealer or inspector might even impose excessive charges for repairs, so save yourself from the headache and lease from a reputable dealer with transparent upfront costs.

Save Yourself from the Headaches of Car Issues with a Reliable Leasing Partner

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Our leasing solutions also include 24-hour assistance from reputable workshops, as well as comprehensive insurance and road tax coverage. And as an official Grab rental partner, you’ll also unlock greater incentives and weekly rebates when you lease a vehicle from us.

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